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Shift MX Sponsorship Program is Open

The cut-off date for Shift MX sponsorship program is November 1st. Shift takes their sponsorship opportunity very seriously and expects its potential athletes to present materials in a professional matter. That means spelling and grammar count. If you need help, this is where we come in.

Here is how to apply:

Applications for sponsorship are accepted via postal service only. Do not e-mail or fax in your resume. Mail your application material to:

Rider Support


16752 Armstrong

Irvine, CA 92606

Your application packet should include these items:

  • Resume

  • Two or three letters of reference from teachers, coaches, community/church leaders, employers (volunteer work DOES count)

  • Report card (if still in school)

  • One action photo of you (wearing SHIFT gear doesn't hurt)

  • One head and shoulders photo (school photo will do)


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