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New Motocross Resume Templates for 2022-2023

We are excited to announce that we’ve begun to launch our new sponsorship resume templates for 2022. Today, we published three new templates for PCers using Word and Mac users using Pages on our website.

Wanting to give the motocross community more resume template options, we developed three new designs to give your resume a fresh new look for this upcoming sponsorship season. But we are not done! We plan to have several more unique options before fall 2022.


Starting under Glory Hog Media, SponsorshipResumes has created professional sports resumes for athletes seeking serious support from industry leaders for over ten years. What began as just a media company, SponsorshipResumes, was born to fix common issues we found while reviewing applications.

“Athletes and parents of athletes were sending us resumes for sponsorship when we started Glory Hog Media. However, after sorting through hundreds of resumes from talented athletes, I realized my design and writing skills would be more valuable to those fighting to land support for their competitive passion.” - Kurt Schellenberger.

Some of the most talented athletes we helped initially had unprofessional resumes that caused them to get overlooked or assigned to a low-tier support level. All it took was a professionally written and well-designed resume to showcase their skills and accomplishments in seconds.


However, our custom sponsorship resume option did not fit athletes and racers on a tight budget or in need of a super quick turnaround. We explored different options that would not sacrifice quality in design but would help those who do not know how to make a sponsorship resume for motocross. Hence, we developed templates to give the athlete an affordable option to create a resume within minutes by just filling in the blanks.


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